The Future of Midtown Atlanta

The future of Midtown is in the right hands as Midtown Alliance plans to redefine its community-designed master plan, Blueprint Midtown.  It is this plan that will guide development over the next decade.  With its “green lens,” Blueprint Midtown 3.0 will focus on sustainability, the Midtown Mile retail strategy, and design and implementation of new streetscapes, road segments, bike lanes, and pocket parks and plazas.  Midtown Alliance recognizes that the plan should cultivate Midtown’s unique flare and will include public art and games among other components that will build off of Midtown’s existing strengths and make this vibrant city a true urban environment where its residents can live, work, and play.

Kevin Green, President and CEO of Midtown Alliance, envisions a dynamic and engaging street scene in 2025 with new development thriving and Midtown’s art and design truly encapsulating the culture of the millennials. With 25 percent of land in the Midtown Improvement District ripe for redevelopment, there are few places whose next phase seems as sweeping and imminent.

In response to Midtown’s rapid growth and in order to bring his vision of the future to life, Kevin Green and officials at the Midtown Alliance recently announced the launching of a new, comprehensive transportation study designed to help traffic engineers and city planners attain and sustain a more efficient and higher performing transportation system in Midtown.  It will examine the functionality of every street, intersection, and thoroughfare in the area, as well as in the immediately surrounding areas and will be used to ensure that Midtown can be conveniently accessed regardless of transportation mode.

With the Midtown Alliance’s commitment to creating an environment where art and culture unite and business thrives, it is safe to say that the future of Midtown will be exciting and bright.

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