Meet The Manor Premier Builder: Sherwin Loudermilk of Loudermilk Homes

Loudermilk Homes is a premier builder of luxury custom homes in the Atlanta area. Honesty, integrity, quality craftsmanship, sophisticated design and finishes have earned Loudermilk Homes a reputation for excellence in the luxury homebuilding community. Sherwin Loudermilk, president of Loudermilk Homes, and his team provide customized personal service from client meetings and creating “wish lists” to detailed house planning, all while using time honored traditions and the latest technological building advancements. Tie these all together and they culminate into a positive homebuilding experience.


Sherwin and his team believe a home is a place to entertain friends and family while celebrating life and building long-lasting memories. Loudermilk Homes is very passionate about what they do. Their mission is to provide a personalized custom home building experience, unsurpassed in quality, service and satisfaction. The New Homes Group asked Sherwin Loudermilk a few questions to get the inside look of Loudermilk Homes.

I. You’re building people their dream homes…what entails in a “dream home”?

A “dream home” means different things to different people of course, however, one characteristic of a “dream home” that I think is common for everyone is livability. Livability is in and of itself a challenging word to define. I would say a house that has livability is one where the homeowner feels a powerful sense of relief and peace when returning to the house. Whether it is from a two week vacation or a two hour trip to dinner. We spend a tremendous amount of time, before ever breaking ground, focusing this aspect, “how do the rooms flow together, where would the homeowner entertain guests, how and to what are a visitor’s eyes drawn upon entering the home?”. We spend an equal or even greater amount of time focusing on how the house sits on the lot. This up-front attention to detail allows us to deliver homes with unparalleled livability, and we are sure that the end product will become someone’s “dream home”.

II. What technological advances do you use in your homes?

Our “smart homes” are designed to enhance our client’s home experience by integrating all home technology into one easy to use system. The design is simple and elegant, with a complete home control experience. Our systems allow for control of security systems, cameras, thermostats, lighting, music and even irrigation system. Control through the ease of your smart phone, tablet or computer at the house or across the country.

III. What attracted you to the opportunity to build at The Manor Golf and Country Club?

We have been aware of The Manor since it was first developed and dubbed “The New Country Club of the South” in a news article. The subdivision’s reputation not only for its fabulous golf course but also for its renowned architecture is widely known in Metro Atlanta real estate. Every home within The Manor represents the highest quality and craftsmanship. We feel that our approach to building reflects perfectly the style and reputation of The Manor, and we are honored and excited to be building here.

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IV. What do you consider the top three reasons to buy in The Manor Golf and Country Club?

The first reason is the incomparable quality of the homes themselves. Each home in the subdivision is literally a masterpiece, not to mention the landscaping is impeccable. The second reason would have to be the amenities. It’s not only the beautiful golf course but the swimming pool is a wonderful place for families to get together and for new friendships to be made. The tennis facilities are truly world class. I am not aware of another subdivision in Metro Atlanta, or Georgia for that matter, that has tennis facilities comparable to The Manor. The third reason would have to be location. Milton is quickly becoming one of the most desirable places to live in the metro area and for a good reason. Beautiful scenery, wonderful shopping and restaurants close by, excellent schools, stunning architecture and an unmatched amenity package all combine to make The Manor the perfect location to buy your “dream home”.

For more information about home sites and homes at The Manor Golf and Country Club, please visit here.

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